Warmly welcome to my site.

My name is Miia Rantonen and I am Yin Yoga,- and Meditation instructor. I also teach restorative classes.


I work as an eco-beautician (at Jolie Organic since 2014). I mainly do customer service. I love to meet different kind of people and help them with their problems. I am especially interested in natural cosmetics - Why? I think it is only option. What I want to put on my largest layer, skin - That matters.


graduated 2011 from Omnia Aikuisopisto. Before that I went to Nurmes high school. I've been working hard since the summer when I was fifteen years old. Customer service has been one of my long term passion and I am great with people. I do it from my heart, that is the main reason why t is so pure. Practicing, enthusiasm and my motivation has been many times more important than education. And sometimes life gives you new opportunities to grow, learn, change and BLOSSOM! 

I've been working for example as a marketing and salesment assistant and visualist. I am aesthetic and creative person. I've always been ambitious.


I am self-taught writer. You can find my thoughts for example from my blog named Miia Johanna at Lily and from wellness website friend of mine; Embrose. I get inspired if I can help others but writing is my own therapy time, as well. 


I am also kind of mental health expert by experience.

What I have learned so far - Be brave and curious. Some people are always trying to push you down - Don't let them. Be yourself, follow your own path and dreams.


little bit more of myself - and how I am in this journey, you can find from here.

Glad you found me!


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"you can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf"

Kuva: Pinja Mitrovitch

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