my story

I was struggling with insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks for long before I got my total collapse. After all those scary experiences, depression, emptiness

long periods in the hospital, obligatory break from my job, three years of therapy and all those big changes in my life - of course changed me. And opened my eyes how we can control our minds. Before I was used to please others, perform things and I did not have my own boundaries at all. Step by step I have healed (and I am still healing, I think we human-beings aren't never ready). I found yoga some years ago and especially Yin Yoga was the life changer. I have suffered from dissociation (trauma symptoms), so Yin Yoga is one of the best ways to get that body-mind-connection back. I get so much from yoga. More self-confidence, joy, comprehension,

permissiveness, time for myself, connection to myself and it's good way to care of your health (physical and mental). So I studied Yin Yoga & Meditation, that I could help others, like I got help from those.

© 2020 - Miia Rantonen